Saturday, 28 September 2013

What was that

I am awake, why am I awake, why is my heart racing?

Shhh, Listen did you hear something? I search the darkness but all is familiar, shadows rest as they always have. I breath in gently, testing for danger but the scent is only my own. Under the covers my heart races and I don't know why, I am sure that something is amiss but what? My mind says I should get up and check, my legs disagree. I hold my breath and strain my ears. Outside the wind is making the leaves sing a sweet lullaby, the summer rain on the slate above my head plink and plonk with merry rhythm, otherwise the house slumbers peacefully.

Seconds pass without incident, my breathing returns to normal. The heat in my bed seeps deep into my weary body robbing  its resolve, my eyes flutter and close. The creek is hushed but unmistakeable fully awake this time but I still can't pinpoint its origin. I lie and wait, it comes again this time closer or is it just a trick of the night air. I lean out of the bed and flick on the light.

"Who's There," I call with more conviction than I feel. No response. I throw my feet out of bed and search the house, all is exactly as it should be. Going back to my room I close my door firmly in-case a draft was making it swing fractionally. I wait for sleep to come without anticipation.  What actually comes stabs blades of ice into my spine, it is the sound of hard rough skin slipping over timber. This time there is no mistaking the noise and it is coming from near the end of the bed.

I lie paralysed, my blood pulsing so hard in my body I can actually feel it throb through my skin. A shadow shifts and glides were no shadow has ever been, it is distinct and hazy at once, there but not there. It drifts over the bed, the silk bed cover plucking as if caressed by the talons of a buzzard. The darkness infects my bulging eyes and blots all sight from them. I open my mouth to scream allowing the filth to rush in ramming my dying scream deep, never to be uttered.

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